Long walks with backpacks!

I’m less than two weeks from leaving for Europe. So, this weekend and last Scott and I have walked long distances with our packs. It’s been fun and we’ve had some great experiences. One night last weekend we walked by a group of people having a barbecue of fresh caught salmon. They invited us to join them and before we could respond they filled plates for us. It was really fun to visit with this friendly bunch and share an impromptu meal. 

Today as we were getting ready to go out the door Ryan called. He was just heading out on his own walk and we ended up talking the whole time. We were on opposite coasts yet we had a training day together! We literally talked about the Camino the whole 3 hours! I’m so looking forward to that being our daily reality. What an amazing gift to spend this time with Ryan!

Last Friday we walked 9 miles and on Saturday we walked 11 which included walking up and down Mt Tabor. Today we tackled 15 miles which is the amount we will walk each day on the Camino. Lyla has been our constant companion on these walks. She’s great to walk with. We’ll miss her while we’re gone but she’s going to Border Collie camp in Central Oregon. This trainer/border/breeder has 10+ border collies of her own so Lyla will have a great time herself! 

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