PDX-Bilbao, Spain

Aahhhhh!!!!! I’m at the airport and it all feels so surreal! After nearly two and a half years of planning, I’m bedecked in my REI best from head to toe and ready for an epic adventure! 

One of the things I’m most excited about is finally having my pack figured out after packing and unpacking so many times! Everything was decided on, packed and ready to go 3 days ago when I brought it out to show Scott’s parents. I showed them how I had everything organized in packing cubes and how cool the water pack was. I opened the water pack to show how it was filled, closed it and put everything back. It wasn’t long before I realized water was flowing out the bottom of my pack! Ah!! Somehow the water pack hadn’t closed properly and everything, including my sleeping bag, was soaked! This required me to take everything out to dry. I decided to rework my packing list in the meantime…really?? 😐 This, of course lead to things I’d forgotten. Which, of course lead to yet another trip to REI. In the end, I’m at the airport, with my pack, with (or without) everything I could possibly need and feeling very happy and prepared.

As I reread this post it begs the question….why was I carrying water to Spain with me anyway?

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