I Have Packed 500 Times

Photo Jul 26, 4 01 31 PM
All items laid out.
Photo Jul 26, 4 24 29 PM
Packing cubes filled.
Photo Jul 26, 4 31 12 PM
Ready to go!

It’s true. I’ve had my backpack sitting by my bed with everything in it for a solid year. On top of it sits a packing cube with the clothes I plan on wearing the day I walk out of my house. In addition to this, I have packed and unpacked at least once a month, if not more. Obsessive? Yes! Fun? Absolutely! Necessary? It actually is! You see, when walking 15 miles a day every day for more than a month you only want to carry what you really need. The recommendation is to carry no more than 10% of your body weight and for me that’s 16 pounds. Leaving weight available for water and a little food, I will ideally want no more than 13-14 pounds. Currently, I have too many clothes and I still need to get a foot care kit.

What I have in my pack right now is shown in the photos. I will definitely be changing a few things but thought I would post these now to show the process I’ve been in. I may post photos of the final contents later for anyone who is considering walking the camino and actually looking for a packing list. My list is a combination of lists from others who’ve been on the walk.

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