Two Weeks and 200 Miles 

….and man, does it feel like it! I feel great! My back is strong. My knees are doing well. I’m not slathering my body with Tiger Balm (analgesic cream) or downing the Ibuprofen anymore. Everyday is fairly easy after the initial warmup in the morning. The meseta has been very peaceful with warm sunshine and a cool breeze. The past two days an easy 12 miles each. 
Last night we stayed in a sleepy little village with very few beds to offer the tired pilgrims who came stumbling into town through early evening. Many were turned away to walk or taxi to the next town. Some slept two in a tiny, twin bed and some slept outside on the steps of the cathedral. We were so grateful to have arrived early enough to get beds! 
Our friend, Nadav from Israel cooked a family dish for lunch called Shashooka. It was so delicious! I love how so many here want to share their culture through shared meals.
Later, we heard there was a bar in town run by two Irish sisters. The rumor was that not only did they have good food but there would be live music! So, our plan was to scout it out then go back to the albergue to get organized for the next day’s departure. Once there, we were immediately offered a cold drink by Emma, one of the sisters. An Irish couple we’d met a few days prior was there helping set up for the night’s dinner. So, we stayed and enjoyed the lively company. As the night went on we ended up at a table with five Irish people. The night was filled with laughter, good food and music. After the main act, Nadav got up and led the crowd in a few songs. It was all very fun! That is until we got back to the albergue. All lights were out and my things were all over the place! My phone didn’t provide enough light to find what I needed so I just went to bed with my clothes on and hoped in the morning I could pull myself together, again in the dark.
After a not so restful night in a hot room, I threw everything in my pack hoping I hadn’t left anything. With clothes on from the day and night before I pulled my boots on and tromped on to the next town. It was another beautiful walk through the meseta. Once checked into the albergue, you can bet the first thing I did before leaving for dinner was get organized! 


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