Do You Know the Way to Santiago?

I want to post one more thing. Following the signs for the Way can be difficult sometimes. I walked alone again today which was so peaceful and enjoyable. One of the great things and not so great things about me is I tend to go along in life living in the moment and not thinking much ahead. This is not a good characteristic to have when walking the Camino. At one point, I was merrily walking along a lake only to discover I had gone the wrong way. I went left at the lake and all the other peregrinos went right. I turned around and quickly got back in rank with the crowd. This put me on guard! So, I was very careful to watch for arrows. Well, that is until I got into this one beautiful vineyard. Suddenly, I realized I hadn’t seen any arrows for awhile. So, I turned around and retraced my path. This scenario happened about 5-6 times today! Every time though, I was on the right path and would quickly run into other pilgrims. 

***A note to parents: This post is not to cause worry! I promise I am never in danger. There are always people a bit ahead and a bit behind. So please! There is no need for worry! 😄

I started taking photos of some of the different arrows/signs that you have to keep your eyes out for. You’ll see why sometimes they are hard to find! 

And one more because this was so fun to come around the corner and find! 

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