Friday’s Photos

The wifi was bad last night so these are photos from yesterday. Fortunately, the walk was fairly easy. Just after leaving Estella we came to the wine fountain which is another iconic site on the Camino. We were there around 7:30 AM so we had our drink a bit early! Some people drink from their shells, some directly from the fountain and others fill their water bottles. I’ll post the video that Ryan took of me directly on FB. 

This is how we find out path. 

We stayed here in Los Arcos. Doris and Tatai were Ryan and my first roommates in St Jean Pied de Port. We have walked the path together each day at different paces but generally end up in the same albergue each night. 

We cooked our own dinner last night. It was fun sharing a small kitchen with people we’ve been walking with for the past 6 days. Ryan playing cards with other pilgrims. 

This cat was so cute until he jumped on the table and grabbed our cheese. 

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