Estella, I Love You!

Spain is beautiful! We’ve walked through mountains, valleys, charming villages, bustling cities, along rivers and highways, through farmlands and vineyards, up and down and up and down.  We’ve had many promises that after the first two days the walk levels out. And every day we go up and down and up and down. Ryan and I have a similar pace. Fast. We’re not rushing. We’re enjoying the scenery, stopping for photos and visiting with other pilgrims. We just walk fast. I’ve felt strong along the way and still do. Yesterday though, my knees started bothering me. Ugh! So, we stopped and I taped them. That seemed to help out but as I descended the hill from our albergue (hostel) this morning, I was walking at a meer hobble. Three Spanish women quickly passed me and one of them said something that I felt was directed at me. Ryan told me later she had said, “Ugh! Thank God for good knees!” 😫 Wait! I have good knees!! They’re just a little mad at me right now! The truth is I hate admitting that I ever have anything physically wrong with me. I’m the one who either won’t go to the doctor or goes and says, “What does he know?” and throws away the prescription. But this is different. I want to finish this walk. So tossing my pride aside, we stopped at the first farmacia we came to and I bought a brace for each knee. And, of course, it’s the first day the weather has been nice so I’m wearing my hiking skirt. No hiding the knee braces. There they are loud and proud! I guess a dose of humility is good for the soul! Madeleine L’Engle said, “Humility is throwing oneself away in complete concentration on something or someone else.” I am currently completely concentrating on the Camino de Santiago. 

Our final destination today was Estella. As we entered the town I was so, so happy to have finished the walk and exclaimed, “Estella, I love you!” But as I walked through this little city I discovered I did in fact love it! In actuality, along with St Jean Pied de Port, it’s my favorite so far! 

Morning coffee in Puenta la Reina and a  countryside chapel on the way to Estella.

Beautiful Estella, Spain

Our sleeping space tonight. 

6 thoughts on “Estella, I Love You!”

  1. Hope the knees settle down and don’t give you too much trouble. Your photos are beautiful and love your commentary! Say hello to Ryan! Keep on truckin’ : )

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  2. I’m just so impressed and proud of you. Humility is a blessing. Hoping the flare up settles down and you can focus only on the beauty and bonding of it all. Love your writings. Thank you. It’s a gift in itself. Xoxo

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  3. I will be praying for your knees. I am certain that they will get used to your routine, and get stronger as you go. I am so happy that you have Ryan as a partner in this – he’s a good one. You are strong and resilient, and you carry much joy with you! I miss you.

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    1. Also, my user name is not what I remember it to be; therefore, I just changed it to my actual name, Carolyn Kaleel – in case you are wondering who the heck is reading your blog – ha!

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